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comments for Towers of Googology

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ducdat0507 countest May 10, 2023
+33comment score: 33

needs more automation tbh

developer response: true

xbloodbane May 14, 2023
+17comment score: 17

I reached realm level 31 in hopes of unlocking some form of automation, but now i'm stopping. Too active for me. I love the game otherwise

yhvr owner May 17, 2023
+13comment score: 13

Not sure why this one has such a low rating. It's certainly very active, but it's an exceptional time-passer if you have some games that are more idle running in the background (i.e. Check Back)

Sovereign May 24, 2023
+11comment score: 11

So, this is like those mobile game ads.

testethetestcat8192 gamedev May 17, 2023
+8comment score: 8

tbh this game needs some automation, my fingers may break

T179UCET August 18, 2023
+5comment score: 5

help me swiping doesn't work on mobile

otterlocks September 30, 2023
+4comment score: 4

Enjoyable game for sure, the only thing I'd suggest is adding someplace in the options menu where all the tips are saved so you can go back to them. I clicked through the max buy shortcut one without actually seeing the button you press to max buy and I can't find it anywhere ;-;

koolkidintown12 March 25, 2024
+4comment score: 4

this aint an incremental this is a mobile game

-WU35Xby9gjvBN- July 12, 2023
+3comment score: 3

too much active grinding without getting somthing new

LavieTheDaed1 May 4, 2024
+3comment score: 3

Fix mobile swiping.

testethetestcat8192 gamedev June 2, 2023
+3comment score: 3

mobile ad simulator 2023

aneasyusername countest March 4, 2024
+2comment score: 2

i'm going to get carpal tunnel

i love it

personerman March 5, 2024
+2comment score: 2

mobile game ad but better

420 May 31, 2023
+2comment score: 2

damn the mobile ads are way more boring than they seem when played 20 times in span of 60 minutes

windy May 11, 2023
+2comment score: 2

a bit boring tbh

solicoli October 26, 2023
+2comment score: 2

would look cool with motion when you move
also automation

CantStopClicking January 3, 2024
+2comment score: 2

just spam all the arrow keys and you win

sharpnova February 19, 2024
+2comment score: 2

unlocked realm 7 expecting some automation... and now.. i have no idea why this has over 1k hours of playtime on this site.

Jonash December 31, 2023
+2comment score: 2

Swiping should also... "works"...

JToH_SC May 26, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Swiping the screen doesn't work