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is a free and open source website for finding and playing incremental games, although not exclusively.

it has no forced ads, no trackers, no paywalls, and it never will.

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game rating • favorite games • live chat rooms • comments • cloud saving • level system • forums • game tagging • searching • user flairs • playtime tracking • private messages • developer documentation • game updates • galaxy cluster (WIP) • random game picking

coming soon: user following, blocking, unlisted games, game analytics, playlists, achievements, play counts, and more...

chat rooms

if you're a game developer, you can add a live chat window next to your game on galaxy. you get to choose your own rules and moderators.

if you're a player, you can switch chat rooms, even if it's not the one for the game you're playing.


when you post your game on galaxy, you reserve the right to do whatever else you want to do with it.
get more exposure, feedback, and fans. you don't get any money, but we don't either.

you can also (100% optionally) add cloud saving to your game, for free, using our API. it's easy!

it takes 30 seconds to post your games on galaxy, and you never need to touch them again. you're missing out by not doing it.

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galaxy is made possible by the community.
thank you all.

code contributors

  • yhvr
  • ducdat0507
  • wackbyte
  • yahtzee
  • incremental_gamer (circle-gon)


  • Rythie
  • Dragomura
  • ThePaperPilot
  • milo
  • toasty
  • Piterpicher
  • abaileyatd
  • dysiode
  • sir_pinski
  • wackbyte
  • vvc
  • Pom
  • CardboardEmpress
  • Shandlar
  • Melvor Idle
  • mecharm
  • TheMixedBaker
  • simon_
  • Bracelety80
  • uden
  • Roamingplay
  • ilovedaisy
  • SMAdude_
  • AidAin21


  • ThePaperPilot
  • Pighouse
  • Flamemaster
  • downvoid
  • probably some other people i forgot

other help

  • smileyrandom
  • Crimson406
  • Everyone else on my Discord server
  • Grant Gryczan
  • robodove

special thanks

  • Kongregate (I still hate y'all though)
  • r/incremental_games

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