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the website for incremental games is an open-source website for finding incremental games, socializing with others, and having fun.


play counts

alongside several other enhancements to the site, games finally have play counts!
read about all of it in Minor Changelog #3.

website update


custom-built forums designed specifically for galaxy.
ask questions, get answers, play games, hang out, and more!

website update

playtime tracking

if you have an account, you can now see how long you've played each game for!
you can also see the first and last time you played a game.

support the site


if you love galaxy, consider helping it thrive for years to come, and get the donator flair and more in return.

website update

tag filters

site-wide tag filters now exist. hide all TMT mods, only show mobile-friendly games, or anything else you could imagine!

website update

beta in progress

this website is still under heavy construction.
things might change or break, so stay tuned for more updates!


cloud saving

take advantage of free cloud saving for every game on galaxy.
some games may even have it built-in, thanks to our cloud saving API!


we're open-source

the source code for galaxy has been made available for anyone to read or modify however they see fit.

galaxy labs

galaxy cluster

cram multiple incrementals on screen at once, and tile them to best fit your needs.
currently, it's only a proof-of-concept. who knows where it'll go in the future?


we ❤ developers

we know your struggles—making games is hard.
we've spent months making a site worthy of your games.


chat on galaxy

chat with other people on galaxy in real-time. for free, forever.

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