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comments for Gibbonacci

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simon_ donator September 2, 2023
+26comment score: 26

short and sweet, lots of respect for actually just ending it rather than letting it go on forever without anything new to achieve

developer response: thank you <3

Corruptus September 7, 2023
+13comment score: 13

Fun, quick little game. I look forward to the sequel GorilLandau numbers. OranguTangents? MarmoSet Theory?

developer response: I lol'd and I'm inspired now :D

HalfX November 21, 2023
+12comment score: 12

"Would you like to turn into a monkey?"
Always have been

Goofy_Goober September 3, 2023
+9comment score: 9

just found out i can turn into a monkey. i am now at infinite peace

developer response: need to make a game where I turn into a dog as that would be infinite peace for me :D

celloman1 September 1, 2023
+7comment score: 7

simple but satisfying

developer response: thank you :)

Mamkagod counter April 19, 2024
+5comment score: 5

Finished the game in 4561 hours. Is that good?

sir_pinski donator September 5, 2023
+4comment score: 4

That was cute, fun little 15 minute game. :) One request: please consider updating the music to be stereo. Right now it appears to only be in the left channel, so with headphones it's super disorienting. :D

developer response: Yep, I'm working on a fix for that :) Sound effects (for me at least) work on both ears but background music only in one :(

EDIT: sound issue fixed now ;)

Netq September 7, 2023
+4comment score: 4

really cool short game

developer response: thank you :)

CoolRadGamer countest September 7, 2023
+4comment score: 4

10m 49s

very fun game even speedrunning is fun

developer response: thank you :)

YaelOG September 3, 2023
+3comment score: 3

Love it, Finished un 11m 55s

developer response: Glad you enjoyed it :)

User_Infinity March 11, 2024
+3comment score: 3

Beat the game in 48h 12m 7s, am i slow?

Bingus September 1, 2023
+3comment score: 3

would just like maybe a slight bonus when you finish the game and restart it

developer response: I made the game for a game jam with 13kb limit so there isn't much space for more content and just restarting would feel boring to many even with the bonus so I rather have a nice sweet ending :)

Sometimes closure is a good thing :D

jakedio January 27, 2024
+3comment score: 3

Why does this have a "strategy" tag? All you do is click the things as they unlock, no meaningful decisions to be made.
Cute theming though. Can't go wrong with monkeys and math :)

Europe2048 countest December 22, 2023
+3comment score: 3

Good design, interesting idea, but two issues: one, the music is too quiet compared to the other sounds, two, there isn't much customization to the game - you can only reset when you win. Also, I agree with simon_ ( ).

quick_beastboy April 8, 2024
+3comment score: 3

15 mins

trevormonkey01 January 6, 2024
+3comment score: 3

finished in 10m 34s

CoolRadGamer countest September 1, 2023
+3comment score: 3

very fun

if you click too fast in the beginning itll lag tho bc of all the effects (autoclicker + enter trick)

developer response: thanks :)

T4T3R December 14, 2023
+3comment score: 3

Finished in 11m 2s, sub 11m is very possible

gaxed October 10, 2023
+3comment score: 3

i got an idea. can you make another game like this one but with some prestiges layers, maybe like a million bananas. it would be so nice and this has a very great potential to be one of the top games in galaxy. great game!

UserDidntUnderstand September 2, 2023
+2comment score: 2

very interesting idea feeding monkes with poops

developer response: it's beautiful <3