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comments for The Dynas Tree

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Thenybo June 6, 2023
+7comment score: 7

One of the best TMT mods of all time. Sadly abandoned. RIP.

incraldanerd counter May 17, 2023
+5comment score: 5

ah man, what a classic. really had a good bit of potential before it was abandoned some time after 0.4

Piterpicher mod June 8, 2023
+2comment score: 2

Has a few really cool ideas and a strong theme, but several parts have timewalls, there are some glitches, and the game could use more content. You can check my full review at

NoHaxJustPi countest May 29, 2023
+1comment score: 1

good except it gets timewally at subjects

Shinwmyste gamedev June 3, 2023
+1comment score: 1

The first incremental game I played
It's also my favorite game

Jamowamo15 March 21, 2024
+1comment score: 1


unicodes counter April 2, 2024
+1comment score: 1

i see what you did there

egg42 April 27, 2024
+1comment score: 1


egg42 April 27, 2024
+1comment score: 1