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all updates for ordinal gwarkup

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Fixing Inflation Part 2 April 15, 2024

Patched the charge respec bug.

Fixing The Inflation April 10, 2024

-Nerfed ACUP4 so that the inflation hopefully stops.

veblen 0.7.1 February 16, 2024

Added veblen.

Baseless 0.7 December 15, 2023

0.6.2 December 8, 2023

added singularity level milestones

December 5, 2023

due to complaints I changed the singularity milestone names

0.6.1 December 3, 2023

Fixed singularity inflation

singularity 0.6 December 1, 2023

Light 0.5 May 21, 2023

Light Mode and Anticharge. Also fixed a few bugs.

0.4.4 May 17, 2023

Cardinal Upgrades part 2 0.4.3 May 16, 2023

Fixed ordinal display bug, changed sm40 to sm41, and added some new effects to sm41 and sm55

Cups 0.4.2 May 16, 2023

Added 3 more milestones and 8 upgrades. Also buffed some of the weaker alephs. (only 7 of the upgrades are actually implemented though)

The bug fix update v0.4.1 May 15, 2023

dynamic cap is now shown
fixed some other bugs
buffed aleph 1
added a free 2x incrementy multiplier after first collapse from aleph 4
BHO is now voidgwa in gwaified mode
added a save importer for mobile for saves longer than 5k chars

Collapse 0.4 May 15, 2023

it's collapsing time
Cardinals and sluggish milestones now exist, although I don't know how far you can get yet

Endgame: ??? (unknown) (I think it's probably around 10 of each cardinal, although I've only done 1 collapse so idk)

Overflow Part 3 0.3.5 May 13, 2023

Added more charge. Collapse coming soon™️!

Endgame: 1e100 incrementy, 89 factor boosts, and 7 base shifts. You could go past this, but collapse is going to reset almost everything next update

Overflow part 2 0.3.4 May 12, 2023

Charge is now implemented, although it's different from ordinal pringles for balance reasons
The first 2 rows of booster upgrades can be charged. Last 2 rows will be there next update

Endgame: 9 charge and 75 factor boosts, do not go past this because it may be unbalanced. I recommend turning offline progress off.

Overflow part 1 0.3.3 May 11, 2023

New tab, the overflow tab! Once you reach 40 factor boosts you'll start generating booster power with excess boosters, which boost previous mechanics!
This is part 1 of the overflow update, charges will be coming out next update!
Endgame: 50 factor boosts

0.3.2 May 10, 2023

Fixed that weird export bug. Also fixed the ordinal length bug.

0.3.1 May 9, 2023

Added qol and patched a potential exploit