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all updates for Ballad of Heroes

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v.8 v.8 February 20, 2024

-The Ballad of the Witch has been introduced.
-The Trial of Resolve has been added to Olympus. Similar to the Coliseum, fight increasingly more difficult enemies for increasingly better rewards including a new god. (Currently there are 40 stages to this trial, but more will be added over time.)
-Added a new Special battle to the Coliseum, 'Friendly Competition'. Here you can export your existing party data to give to a friend and import someone else's data to battle against their party. This is purely for fun, has no rewards related to it, and isn't perfectly balanced. The opposing team also will obviously not have access to Links, targeting, timing their abilites, etc. I will probably try to tweak the balance of this over time just so the option remains a fun thing to do, but I do not plan to add any sort of reward around this.
-The Trader now has some new trading options related to Jewelcrafting
-Added some new items per 5 rounds to the Eternal Melee as well as added some First Time Completion rewards to some of the earlier rounds
-Alchemy and Jewelcrafting max level increases
-Reworked some Alchemy items. Most damage dealing items and some healing items now both deal a flat damage amount and a percentage of the enemy's health (or heal a flat amount and a percentage). Hopefully this should continue to make them a more attractive option, especially some of the higher level healing items.
-Tweaked XP per level for gods 2000+. You shouldn't notice much of a difference until you get to level 3000 or so, and the XP required to reach levels 5000+ should be significantly higher.
-Priest passive effectiveness has been reduced by about half, but now also increases the duration of altars as well as their effectiveness. Several abilities have had minor effectiveness changes.
-Made some adjustments to equipment to better normalize stats between tiers. A couple of rare/epic/special items were nerfed and special/unique items were buffed
-Porphyrion now has a .25 second delay before using Rockfall to open his fight
-Some QoL/UI improvements (Added a new button on the god screen to 'View All Duo Abilities' once you have access to them, added some better notifications and tutorial popups throughout the early stages of the game, added bestiary info about the Coliseum, ability to quickly jump to achievements from bestiary and a subzone from achievements, setting to display a notice when the game is paused, setting to change the color for certain number thresholds for easier reading, increased afk load time options, few other small adjustments)
-Numerous bug fixes

v.75 January 23, 2024

-New zodiac system implemented. New trials have been added to Olympus that rotate with the zodiac.
-A new tier of Unique equipment has been released alongside the zodiac.
-God level permanent bonuses no longer stop at 2000. There is no longer a limit.
-Time Fragments have been added to the game. These allow you to automate subzones or certain battles in the background for continuous experience and item gain.
-Duo abilities have been introduced. Combine different gods to gain access to powerful unique abilities.
-A new class has been added: Thaumaturge. Deal heavy elemental damage and resist elemental damage dealt to you.
-Numerous balance changes, UI updates, performance fixes, and bug fixes.

Full patch notes: