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all updates for The Point Tree

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v2.23 April 11, 2024

added extra infobox to make people buy basic milestone before.

v2.221 April 10, 2024

Forgot to change back upg price

v2.22 April 10, 2024

update, more content, bug fix

HARDCAP April 10, 2024

For now, you cannot go past Mastery.

v2.21 April 10, 2024

emergency bugfix

v2.2 April 10, 2024

Bug Fix: Finsihed.
Shows req of secret achievement after completing.
Added 3 secret achievements
Changed req and/or boost of some secret achievements.
Added 2 savebanks, and switched saves of 2.
Added Rebirth Hypercap!
Changed formatTime, now shows centuries
Expanded on Info Layer.
New Content
Added 9 achievements, with 3 having rewards!
Added 24 milestones, 11 being challenge-specific
Added 1 buyable!
Added 17 upgrades
Added a new layer and a challenge to go along with it.
New upgrade effect: change softcap start.
Endgame: e5,611,000,000 PF
ATE: e5,611,370,000 PF

v2.2b April 5, 2024

Made ee and e start at e12, instead of e9.
Made SA31 do the right value.

v2.2a April 3, 2024

v2.2a (Mega Prices Rework)
Decreased MU12, 14, 22 Prices
Decreased MM1, MM3, MM4, MM8, MM10 Prices
Decreased RU34, BU61, 63, 64 Prices
Increased MU23, MM2, MM8, MM11 Prices
Nerfed MU11 effect and buffed MU12.
Changed PU32 to be kept at MU7 instead of MU5. Also let PU31 be kept at MU7.
Changed Ach51 desc, increased Ach52 req and decreased Ach55 req.

V2.23 March 28, 2024

fixed PM3 effect not applying until PM4

? March 25, 2024


fixed sa31 req March 25, 2024

fixed sa31

v2.12 March 25, 2024

RM3 now works at RM3, A136 shows correct amt

v2.11 March 24, 2024

fixed supreme savebank

v2.1 March 24, 2024

v2.1 - Choice Row Upgrades
Changes (v2.0.0)
Swapped PU3 and 4 position, changed PU3 and 4 price
Changed price of Sac Challenge 3 Upgs.
Severely nerfed Secret Achievement Effect
Added Savebank
Added Size/Time Comparison
Changed SystemComponents - Now shows link to discord server
New Content
Added 6 achievements, with 3 having rewards!
Added 5 milestones
Added 1 buyable!
Added 24 upgrades
Added 2 new extensions

v2.03 March 13, 2024

forgot to commit

v2.03 March 12, 2024

Decreased MU13, MU21-34 price, MM5 and 8.
Increased MU11 Effect, to x2.9
Decreased SU22-SU42 price
Decreased SM5 Price

v2.02 (Hotfix 2 - v2.00) March 11, 2024

Changed Secret Achievement 26 description
Added reward to Secret Achievement 31
Fixed being able to reset water when energy is above e1000
Added infobox for water.

v2.0.0 hotfix 1 March 10, 2024

added keep energy milestone sac milestone

v2.0.0 fix March 10, 2024


v2.0.0 fix March 10, 2024


v2.0.0: Supreme and Water March 10, 2024

Existing Changes
Bye Bye Autobuy… Hello Keep Upgrades! No more autobuying of upgrades! Milestones will keep the upgrades! Added 6 achievements (keep upgs)
Added 1 Sac Challenge 4 Upg

New Content
Added 12 achievements, with 5 having rewards!
Added 10 milestones
Added 2 layers!
Added 3 buyables!
Added 46 upgrades (yes, 46)
Added 13 Secret Achievements (Most of them gives boosts, but most are not that big)
Added the 3rd Dimensional Shift
Endgame: e557.3e6 PF

1 day of playtime v1.3.1 February 25, 2024

Decreased prices of some mega, basic and prestige upgrades.

v1.3.0 - Achievement Row 10 February 17, 2024

Sacrifice and Mega Buyable Milestones are hidden until you get the previous mega buyable/sac milestone
Upgrade Effect Softcap
In layer effect/upg effect, shows (Softcapped) / (Supercapped) when reaching softcap or supercap
Prestige Supercap, Mega Softcap
Dim Shift 2
Other Extensions: (contd) Basic Upgrades, Prestige and Rebirth
Added 24 upgrades
Added 4 challenge-specific upgrades
Added 4 milestones and 1 challenge
Added 6 achievements, 2 giving boosts
Endgame: e151,551,551 PF

The Point Tree: V1.2.0 - Sacrifice and Challenge Rework 1.2.0 February 6, 2024

The Point Tree v1.2.0 - The TRUE Biggest Update
Added names to Mega Buyables
The FULL Rebalance
Rebalanced prices of all upgrades, from Sac 10 to Sac 22.
Mega Buyable 3 will now get automated in sac 21 instead of 22.
Sacrifice now RESETS energy and Energy upgrades (some sacs can keep certain rows of energy upgrades)
Rebalanced Challenges - Now resets energy, energy upgrades, and new Challenge-Specific Upgrades.
Added 15 upgrades
Added 12 challenge-specific upgrades
Added 1 milestone and 1 challenge
Added 2 achievements
Endgame: e26022000 PF.

Challenges and QoL Version 1.1.0 January 27, 2024

The Point Tree Version 1.1.0 [Challenges and QoL]
Renamed all Upgrades
Added Branches
Decreased price of Energy Upg 4 to 16
Decreased price of Mega Upg 18 to 20
Added 3 new sacs
Added 2 new challenges
Added 4 new achievements
Added 5 new upgrades
Added a new milestone
Added 3 new infoboxes
Current Endgame: e15,512,500 PF.