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Untitled Dice Game

developed by ducdat0507 countest
rated 4.0 stars, 169 ratings
rated 4.0 stars, 169 ratings

Posted September 29, 2023. Updated February 22, 2024. Played 2826 times for a total of 8994 hours.


Click the screen to roll dice and gain points.
Roll a 6 to obtain a bonus roll. (Bonus rolls can happen infinitely and roll values stack multiplicatively!)
Use your points to buy upgrades and earn more points.

Use the save string accessible by pressing the floppy disk icon to pick up where you left off.

Note: Scratch do not allow autosaving, you’ll need to manually save via the save string feature.

Note 2: Do not press the green flag nor the red stop sign buttons on the top left corner, they will reset your save.

latest update

yay, an update February 22, 2024

  • Added Star Tree
  • Added Help & Info
  • Added Statistics

Endgame: Challenges unlocked

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newest comments

pixelperfect12 gamedev March 27, 2024
+1comment score: 1

5th and 6th dice seem to be broken, messed around with the abcdefg save and managed to break the ui

Cubestorm3r February 29, 2024
+5comment score: 5

This game is far beyond what many gamedevs could make in scratch

daniel February 28, 2024
+6comment score: 6

May want to make a note in the game that the challenges section doesn't exist yet? Was super confused when I couldn't find challenges, until I found the reddit post saying there's nothing there yet :)

daniel February 28, 2024
+2comment score: 2

Boy what i would do for a "max all" button!

Frailrain February 28, 2024
+4comment score: 4

Any chance we could get a "buy max" button, or auto-purchaser as an upgrade? This game is a lot of fun but the amount of clicking (or holding) as you progress gets a bit tedious.

Thank you for the game!

top comments

thepaperpilot admin September 30, 2023
+37comment score: 37

A scratch game is not what I was expecting the next ducdat incremental to be. I will say, it's a pretty impressive scratch project! But definitely misses the epic scale I tend to expect from your titles. I'll be curious to see if there's any more content planned.

Socky42 November 13, 2023
+13comment score: 13

There's so much potential in this game, I hope you continue to develop and flesh this out

windy September 30, 2023
+10comment score: 10

tbh this should get an autosave feature using scratchattach

developer response: 1) I need to host a server, which I don’t think is worth it
2) I’m still a new scratcher, so I can’t use cloud features

encrypt November 4, 2023
+8comment score: 8

This is possibly the best scratch game I've ever played.

CoolRadGamer countest September 30, 2023
+6comment score: 6

1/5 no mute button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk game is one of the best scratch games on this site

also ppl who say no mute button are kinda right sometimes you cant just mute the whole tab what if you're listening to music on mobile or smth

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