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Browser REx:R

developed by ambwuwu gamedev
rated 3.6 stars, 93 ratings
rated 3.6 stars, 93 ratings

Posted December 10, 2023. Updated February 22, 2024. Played 4540 times for a total of 15814 hours.


Start your journey from nothing and craft your way to the most overpowered pickaxes to ever exist! Collect ores ranging from 1/750,000 to over 1/5,000,000,000!
Inspired by

latest update

February 22, 2024

World 2 has released!
To enter, craft The Key and press teleport! A new adventure awaits.
World 1 gears and pickaxes will not work in World 2, but many World 2 gears will work in World 1, along with all the new pickaxes!
Also, please don't completely ignore the pickaxes after The Key in World 1, I spent a lot of time on them and they're still cool :3
New features:
11 New pickaxes. (More to come!!)
8 New gears. (will release the last 3 and maybe a new one after I create more pickaxes)
4 New main layers in World 2.
2 "hidden" layers in World 2.
2 New, exceptionally rare ores that can be found anywhere in World 2.
Out of layer ores. (the ability for certain cave types to spawn layer ores out of their original layer, will allow for some World 1 ores to be found in World 2. More will be added.)
Sadly no new cave types, lack of emojis hits hard </3, but I will try to have some out soon!!

Misc. Changes:
Removed a secret ore for reasons and replaced it with a new one.
Redid how recipes are displayed and updated to allow for more customizability and optimization.
Made a system to easily hide ores in the index :3 not sorry
Luck gears are now applied when generating a block, allowing for normal mining to have a luck boost.

QOL Additions:
Clicking an ore in the "Latest Finds" section will scroll to that ore and highlight it in the inventory. (the highlight will NOT look good if the inventory background color is changed)
Made all scrollbars invisible.
Ores in the index will show as found or not found.
Keybind to open and close settings. (escape)

Special Thanks To:
@a fossilised cat inclusion for helping so much with ideas for World 2, including all the layer ores and special gimmicks!
@pengu and @spooky spooky HAAIRCUTTT for helping with spawn messages!

Bug fix and QOL updates will be happening regularly, make sure to post any suggestions you have!!
New pickaxes and their corresponding gears will be released every few days until the final, and very broken, World 2 pickaxe is released.

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newest comments

Leshatasher123 today
+1comment score: 1

Add transformation machine, please.

zerop February 29, 2024
+3comment score: 3

this game is awesome i have 284 mil blocks mined in the roblox one and this one is fun to leave playing when i play other games u just need to add ores between 1:100 1:750k and give a buff to crypt smasher the jump from it to any other pick is very big thats all i have to say

• 2024/02/26

Electromagneta February 23, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Different music next update maybe ?
That would be cool c'oz this one get boring fast...
Maybe layer music ._. ?

idk i just want more music :|

dahdumbguy February 6, 2024
+2comment score: 2

ur so cool for fixing all of the issues I ranted abt. litterally thank you a ton and good job fixing this game up a ton < 3

BananaChad January 29, 2024
+5comment score: 5

really like the game, dont know why its getting rated as such a low score, but that could be from people not understanding the "concept" of these luck based games

heres a tip for some new (or experienced) players that are having troubles with a system that isnt yet/cant be implemented

"When i alt tab the game doesnt run, any fix?":
Theres a loophole you can do by turning on music and just letting it mine (i dont use but i use the website it originally came from so no idea if the same system works here) the music acts as a way for the tab (and all the code in the website) to keep running even though its out of focus!

top comments

EndlesSky December 12, 2023
+13comment score: 13

Cool Game! I think that naming more things would give more impact to getting new upgrades, make them more easy to differentiate between, and also make it seem less bland 🙃

Electromagneta December 14, 2023
+9comment score: 9

Should add ores between 1/100 and 1/750k ... there is a bit too big hole.

sebastiano123 December 21, 2023
+7comment score: 7

Very addictive, and a game to play in the background in your browser while playing a different game!

Seanpler69420E December 17, 2023
+7comment score: 7

We need dark mode
Also I have never played the original game so uhh yeah this might be a weird ride for me but I'll work it out

UserDidntUnderstand December 12, 2023
+7comment score: 7

Am felling am playing minecraft.

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