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developed by yhvr owner
rated 4.5 stars, 189 ratings
rated 4.5 stars, 189 ratings

Posted May 13, 2023. Updated May 13, 2023. Has been played for 4579 hours.


Restore light to a dark world! Made for IGJ 2021, with a theme of "light", and won 2nd place.

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newest comments

Bingus September 8, 2023
+1comment score: 1

what happens after the second restart?

AmogousSussy August 8, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Is 1e10 shards the endgame?

developer response: The game ends once the board is fully cleared.

Sovereign July 28, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Randomly lost bonus from reset :(.

Ming July 28, 2023
-2comment score: -2

It hurts my eyes, unplayable, too jerky

rawr July 13, 2023
+2comment score: 2

such a lovely game, i really enjoyed it <33

top comments

Leshatasher123 May 14, 2023
+9comment score: 9

Good game.

Rolls May 16, 2023
+8comment score: 8

Short but worth playing

nFlamel May 22, 2023
+8comment score: 8

Great concept, wish there was a futher prestige system or different levels. Overall an interesting experience.

resigned May 14, 2023
+6comment score: 6

concept gets old after a while but the game is pretty good. 4/5

milo donator May 18, 2023
+5comment score: 5

poor dark numbers aint do nothin wrong, release my man

developer response: I don't think the theme of the game was ever entirely made clear, but it's inspired by those mobile games that had areas of the map obscured by darkness until you reached a certain level. It's inspired by those

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