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Download RAM Idle

developed by Luis0413 gamedev
rated 4.7 stars, 368 ratings
rated 4.7 stars, 368 ratings

Posted March 26, 2024. Updated March 28, 2024. Played 10078 times for a total of 16431 hours.


How long to beat

~5 hours (without offline progress)


A stranger emailed you a weird program which requires a humongous amount of RAM. Luckily, you had installed an app that downloads RAM and exponentially increases your download speed!


Download RAM Idle is a fast-paced idle game that gradually introduces new mechanics keeping everything fresh and the numbers growing. It has polynomial growth as well as 2 prestige layers.

Hotkeys: P - new PC, S - new SC

The game is playable on mobile, though it might lag or freeze during loading depending on your device.

Inspired by Antimatter Dimensions

latest update

April 16, 2024

  • Fixed backup save being empty 30 seconds after starting the game
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newest comments

Amidon today
+1comment score: 1

Cool. Lost about 5 days of progress.

developer response: Hey, I'm so sorry this happened. When did you last play? I recently fixed backup saves, so you might have a backup save in the sidebar. If not, you can tell me roughly what progress you had and I can give you a save matching it no worries!

catboybebop today
+1comment score: 1

Nevermind! You have to just get quantum computing to progress and skip the 6th upgrade...

catboybebop today
+1comment score: 1

Is it just me or is it WAY to easy to get locked out of the "I don't need it" achievement?! The darn singularity won't let me progress now.. Fricker was my pal before but now I just wanna run through its complex and write "screw you" on every nanoangstrom of every layer of its wafer-thin circuit-filled complex! HATE! HOW I HATE!!!

In all seriousness... How the hell do I progress now?

developer response: Hmm, what do you mean locked out? Can you not get it? Sorry it left you frustrated

goldjojo counter today
+1comment score: 1

it seems like deleting your save does not actually wipe absolutely everything

ghz starts being produced even without unlocking it first

TheMommaDragon today
+1comment score: 1

Fed the black hole in the repair challenge at very fast speeds and uh, now we have a negative infinity amount of RAM. Alongside Negative six billion apples. No you're not allowed to ask how.

top comments

TheAcidicToxic9 March 27, 2024
+26comment score: 26

i didnt even know that games can autosave in the cloud tabs omg

Entropy counter March 28, 2024
+21comment score: 21


That was absolutely awesome, holy hell.

The only minor annoyances were SC Repair 3 (was more annoying than fun, especially when popups obscure important buttons and you have to wait for them to go away) and that the pre-stars portion of the game dragged a little bit. (also i have no idea how the game is 3-4 hours long, it was more like twice that number for me lmao)

But those are just nitpicks-- this was an awesome experience through and through, with one of the cooler endings I've seen in an incremental game.

Absolutely deserved 5 star rating from me, and absolutely deserves its high overall rating.

aneasyusername countest March 28, 2024
+15comment score: 15

50k to buy a new pc.. i know this joke is dead but that's what verbalase could have done....

scopaf countest March 30, 2024
+12comment score: 12

This game is really fantastic. The AD inspiration is really obvious - primarily due to the layout. The layout & color scheme are probably a little too close to AD. As far as criticisms go - thats really the only one I have. This game is fantastic. I really enjoyed playing it. This has instantly earned a top spot in my personal "must-play" incremental games list. Thanks so much for making such a fun game.

Lustre March 28, 2024
+12comment score: 12

I applaud the idea for making some of the repairs (challenges) unique, kind of like a mini-game, but personally SC Repair 3 isn't fun. Even if I somehow build up far enough that the repair is quicker, it still takes a long time because you have to wait for the virus windows to close.

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