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Calculator Evolution

developed by Spotky1004 gamedev
rated 4.6 stars, 224 ratings
rated 4.6 stars, 224 ratings

Posted May 17, 2023. Updated May 17, 2023. Has been played for 31386 hours.


Evolve your calculator with a lot of upgrades and 4 prestige layers!

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newest comments

sharpnova October 25, 2023
+4comment score: 4

i loved this game years ago. the spreadsheet made quantum labs doable. but after that when you unlock the phase where you have a grid and place components in it, i was pretty lost. and there was no guide or discussion of it online anywhere. I was hoping maybe now there would be but there wasn't :(

dudial October 15, 2023
+2comment score: 2

I like the game, but it gets unplayable for me after some prestigs...

It's is the only game turning on the fans in my pc, like crazy. And there is a memory leak, it sits at 3GB after some time...

zetta September 25, 2023
+3comment score: 3

Not a huge fan of how active the endgame of this one is (especially with how repetitive it is), but it is really satisfying once you reach the end. Very fun game all around!

Termt September 10, 2023
+7comment score: 7

This game could really do with some presets for the cubits. And not having to click 10 times to respec.

notusingthrowaway September 9, 2023
+2comment score: 2

from 000001(2) to wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww(a lot of w's)(59)! a great game.

top comments

yahtzee May 21, 2023
+56comment score: 56

This is a helpful spreadsheet for anyone who's stuck at quantum labs. I didn't make it.

veois May 20, 2023
+21comment score: 21

love the game and its idea, will recommend to my friends 5/5
however, people seem to be confused at the start; a tutorial would be nice

Delgon July 31, 2023
+15comment score: 15

(Using Chrome)
It looks like there is some memory leak in this one. When the tab is active, the RAM usage increases by 5-6mb each second.

Eris May 22, 2023
+11comment score: 11

RIP, I thought the upgrade costs were 1k and waited this long :,) ...

VillainousWolf May 24, 2023
+9comment score: 9

great game, having lots of fun with 12 labs so far but a couple things: could we get a max all for research levels so i'm not having to spam click so much? could we get qubit upgrade preset slots to save our upgrades when switching between farming qubits and lab pushes? thanks! again, really fun game

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