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The save action creates a cloud save and then puts it into a certain save slot. If a save is already present in that slot, the old save will be overridden. The save result can be determined through the returning saved response.

returning response


  • slot (number)
    The save slot number. Must be an integer between 0 and 10, inclusive.

  • label (string?)
    The optional label of the save file. It is recommended for this to be a quick summary of the player’s current progress (e.g. e1,000 points, Stage 64-25, Arcana level 308). Must be 100 characters in length or fewer.

  • data (string)
    The actual save data. Must be 256,000 characters in length or fewer.

	action: "save",
	slot: 0,
	label: "1,000 points",
	data: "{\"points\": 1000}",
}, "")