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theme picker site-wide filters


The info response is first sent when the page loads, and may be sent multiple times after page load if any of the values inside change.


  • galaxy (boolean)
    Whether you’re talking to Galaxy. This should always be true.

  • api_version (number)
    The version of the API. Will only increment for every breaking API change. It is not a bad idea to disable your implementation if this does not match.

  • theme_preference (string)
    The player’s theme preference. Valid values are none, light, and dark. Use this to determine the color scheme of your game on the first startup.

  • logged_in (boolean)
    Whether the player is logged in. Certain features (like cloud saving) require the player to be logged into a Galaxy account in order to work.


	type: "info",
	galaxy: true,
	api_version: 1,
	theme_preference: "none",
	logged_in: false,