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flairs ✨

Flairs are a simple way of showing someone’s status on Galaxy. You can have one flair equipped at a time.

The current flairs (and their requirements) are:

  • none
    The default “flair”, in which no flair appears.

  • gamedev
    Users that posted at least one game of theirs on Galaxy. This flair is automatically given to you after one of your games is verified by our staff.

  • suggester
    Users that have successfully requested a game and had the author of said game post it onto Galaxy. (Note: Game requests are currently paused at the moment.)

  • counter Users that clicked at least once in the 2024 April Fools’ Day event.

  • countest Users that clicked at least 1,000 times in the 2024 April Fools’ Day event.

  • tester
    Users that helped test Galaxy in its infancy.

  • contributor
    Users that made significant non-monetary contributions (e.g. code) to Galaxy.

  • donator
    Users that financially supported Galaxy on Patreon.

  • mod
    Moderators of Galaxy. These users help keep this website safe and clean by manually reviewing games and removing offensive content.

  • admin
    Administrators of Galaxy. These users have the same privileges as moderators, plus more.

  • owner
    The owner of Galaxy. There are only 2 users with this flair: yhvr, the founder of Galaxy, and Galaxy itself.