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frequently asked questions


What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is an open-source website for playing, sharing, and finding web-based (mostly incremental) games. It has no ads, no trackers, no paywalls, and it never will.

No ads? No paywalls? But how would you stay afloat then?

Yhvr, the owner of Galaxy, is currently paying hosting costs just with their wallet, and have a patreon page for donations. The site is fully funded through donations.

Donations only? Will that work?

You’re under-estimating the power of donations. Sites like Wikipedia are funded mostly through donations (they also sell merch) while sites like Lichess are funded *purely* through donations. We thoroughly believe that our site will be able to fund itself through donations and not some shady, invasive monetization methods most sites use today.

What *is* an incremental game, anyways?

Incremental games can be… hard to define, to say the least. ThePaperPilot has written a 3,000+ word document on the definition of an incremental game, but put simply, the “main focus” of most incrementals is making numbers go up.

I saw a game on this site that I wouldn’t consider to be an incremental game. Is that allowed?

Yes, we allow non-incremental game to be on our website, as long as the they are correctly tagged as non-incremental using the game tagging system. If you do not wish to see non-incremental games, you can configure the website to filter them here.


How does chat work?

We have a separate page about that!