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The save_content response is requested by the load action and contains information about the action’s load request along with the requested save data.

responding action


  • error (boolean)
    Whether the action encountered an error.

  • message (string?)
    Present when error is true, tells the reason why the action encountered an error. Valid values are:

    • "no_account": The player was logged out.
    • "empty_slot": The save slot is empty.
    • "invalid_slot": The slot value was invalid.
    • "server_error": The game couldn’t connect to Galaxy’s servers.
  • slot (number)
    The save slot number.

  • label (string?)
    The save’s label, or null if error is true.

  • content (string?)
    The save’s actual data, or null if error is true.


If the save was found:

	type: "save_content",
	error: false,
	slot: 0,
	label: "1,000 points",
	content: "{\"points\": 1000}",

If there was an error:

	type: "save_content",
	error: true,
	message: "no_account",
	slot: 0,
	content: null,
	label: null,