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The save_list response is requested by the save_list action and contains the requested list of save data.

responding action


  • error (boolean)
    Whether the action encountered an error.

  • message (string?)
    Present when error is true, tells the reason why the action encountered an error. Valid values are:

    • "no_account": The player was logged out.
    • "server_error": The game couldn’t connect to Galaxy’s servers.
  • list (object)
    A list of saves. Each entry in the object is an object containing the save content (content) along with the label describing the save (label), with the id being its save slot number. Will be an empty object ({}) when error is true.


If a list was found:

	type: "save_list",
	list: {
		10: {
			label: "1,000 points",
			content: "{\"points\": 1000}",

If a list wasn’t found:

	type: "save_list",
	error: true,
	message: "no_account",
	list: {},