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Commit Murder On Walls

developed by testethetestcat8192 gamedev
rated 2.7 stars, 41 ratings
rated 2.7 stars, 41 ratings

Posted May 31, 2023. Updated June 2, 2023. Played 106 times for a total of 75 hours.


A game about breaking walls!
If you think this should have to "non-incremental" tag, please tell me.
I also need ideas, also, thanks wackbyte :3,and, thanks manfroze for the thumbnail.

latest update

Saves but no cheat 1.wackbyte2 June 2, 2023

Better Saving. Added:

  • New saves (you will have to hard reset your game.)
  • Credits
  • a new feature, if you look in the code. this new feature is gonna be in 1.cello
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newest comments

AndyShow1 January 7, 2024
+1comment score: 1

theres a typo in wall 12 it should be "Void Hyper-Tungsten" instead of "Void Hyper-Tunsten."

ilovedaisy donator October 1, 2023
+2comment score: 2

like the idea but there's no layers or anything and logs should clear themselves every so often

developer response: this is old

testethetestcat8192 gamedev June 19, 2023
+2comment score: 2

guys, its the end of CMOW, a buggy mess, its abandoned now, for new, scratch-made game, i might remake this.

developer response: jk, cmowre

arkhaic June 8, 2023
+4comment score: 4

wall puncher but console log and not very intuitive

beandip June 4, 2023
0comment score: 0

yeah sorry I got really carried away I just kept typing lol. 4 million paragraphs. I didn't mean any of it in an insulting way I promise, I just had toooo many ideas. Even though you're a newbie you know more than I do at the moment. I'm looking forward to updates or new games of yours. :3

top comments

Crimson406 May 31, 2023
+12comment score: 12

You really need to clear old logs, it's effectively a memory leak at the moment

developer response: idk how to do that, trinket probably doesnt support it

wackbyte contributor May 31, 2023
+6comment score: 6

Tip: type "help" for the controls

developer response: thanks for the tip in case people need help :3

Pighouse tester May 31, 2023
+5comment score: 5

s'okay, but its most unique mechanic is being a text adventure for inputs that could've just been buttons. I made it to wall 13 - as far as I can tell there's nothing else to unlock other than the next wall(s), and the core gameplay loop is a bit too simple to be enjoyable. there doesn't seem to be anything to work towards, like the next feature or a prestige or something, so the drive to keep playing runs out pretty quick. I'll give it a 2/5, because there's an idea here, but there isn't any rewarding or unique gameplay yet.

developer response: 1. i only know python, so sorry, idk how to use tmt too, so this is the best you're gonna get
2. 13 is pretty far tbh
3. im gonna make a story for this game and
4. im working on it.

arkhaic June 8, 2023
+4comment score: 4

wall puncher but console log and not very intuitive

celloman1 May 31, 2023
+2comment score: 2


developer response: thanks! you can give me ideas in DMs if you want to!

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