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developed by Lisianthus1228 gamedev
rated 3.2 stars, 40 ratings
rated 3.2 stars, 40 ratings

Posted December 26, 2023. Updated December 26, 2023. Played 692 times for a total of 163 hours.


My 2nd ever endeavour into creating incremental game (primarily through just HTML,CSS & JS knowledge).

Fairly short, the "ending" can be reached within 15-20 minutes.

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newest comments

Unexian February 18, 2024
+1comment score: 1

synthesis lichen is too powerful, please nerf

chomikincremental January 31, 2024
+2comment score: 2

i think i completed the game

SirOxion January 26, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Fun but extremely short wish it was longer, but I enjoyed what was there :)

unicodes January 11, 2024
+3comment score: 3

i won!

DatrixTHLK January 2, 2024
+3comment score: 3

it's unique, quick and short...problem is I have no way to save my progress if I decide to close out before that point. Not really sure I like how short it is, but I can agree with a few others who mentioned prestige layers

top comments

nutshell December 27, 2023
+11comment score: 11

This was very fun and quick. I really liked the design and flow of the ui. Great work!

Crimson406 December 27, 2023
+9comment score: 9

What's here is good, but there just... isn't enough of it.

joshij December 28, 2023
+8comment score: 8

Cool, but short! A prestige layer would be a great add to this game.

The different resources interact with each other nicely

TheAcidicToxic9 December 26, 2023
+7comment score: 7

the mechanics are surely unique

turtlefastsonic December 31, 2023
+6comment score: 6

Fun, unique, and interesting. Only thing that's missing is more content, like a prestige layer

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