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The Milestone Tree

developed by loader3229 gamedev
rated 4.1 stars, 140 ratings
rated 4.1 stars, 140 ratings

Posted September 8, 2023. Updated June 8, 2024. Played 15309 times for a total of 24572 hours.


A TMT mod about milestones

latest update

The Parallel Multiverse 1.263 June 8, 2024

Added more contents, more milestones!

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newest comments

Jop June 19, 2024
+1comment score: 1

@bdh2022 Thanks, I had next and previous set on so it wasn't obvious to me

bdh2022 June 19, 2024
+1comment score: 1

@Jop, Upgraded Milestones buffs milestones. For example, 5 upgraded milestones buff 1st-5th milestones, and 17 upgraded milestones buff 1st-17th milestones.

Jop June 18, 2024
+1comment score: 1

What do upgraded milestones do?

hotcatgirl69 June 11, 2024
+3comment score: 3

Stuck in reincarnation tab after fix - no errors thrown. No back button in either single-tab modes.

developer response: If your game crashed after buying reincarnation upgrade 2 before the fix, please load a save before your game crashed in the previous version

eyerhymes June 10, 2024
-13comment score: -13
[this comment is unfavored]

top comments

gigi September 9, 2023
+32comment score: 32

Nice game ! Little feedback : reverse the display order of milestones.

SBAngel September 10, 2023
+21comment score: 21

a little tip: in settings, change show milestones to INCOMPLETE, this way game will only show the latest milestone.

Termt May 28, 2024
+15comment score: 15

The only thing the Transcend layer is transcending is my patience.
Everything before it is done quickly or in a reasonable amount of time, and then this stupid thing is glaring me in the face for days, with a side of "you need to wait for more transcend points for your bonuses to be high enough to be able to push ahead, teehee".

developer response: The Milestone Tree: TP Timewall. But I will increase TP passive gain milestone effect after some updates

milo countest September 9, 2023
+15comment score: 15

i understand that tmt's milestones are generally just a bunch of full width rectangles. however, since there are so many, i think the achievements system should be used, because it gets tedious to keep scrolling down. other than that, good tmt!

new42ur3jeans countest September 9, 2023
+8comment score: 8

dam bro you made me thought the game got an update lol

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