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The function tree

developed by user_incremental
rated 3.6 stars, 66 ratings
rated 3.6 stars, 66 ratings

Posted April 6, 2024. Updated May 22, 2024. Played 5897 times for a total of 5822 hours.


A modding-tree game based on TMT, Grow points by function.

latest update

v0.9 May 22, 2024

Added dilation.
-Added 18 upgrades.
-Added 3 challenges.
-Added 6 buyables.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Added 10 achievements.

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newest comments

JavonnFrancois May 24, 2024
+1comment score: 1

I was expecting something better than just (x) cuz, k was greater than half so.

unicodes counter May 23, 2024
+2comment score: 2


Sanas gamedev May 22, 2024
+2comment score: 2

Tip: If you spam the proton or neutron dilation button very fast, you can get a lot of protons or neutrons

010000000a7 May 22, 2024
+3comment score: 3

proton buyable 2 is too op. i have 1e276,537 points, 7.28e26 proton, 282,000 buyable 2 now, but its cost only 6.34e21 protons.
please nerf it.

S2-_ May 12, 2024
+2comment score: 2

what is the endgame?

top comments

FatCock169 April 18, 2024
+41comment score: 41

VA==: Get 10 points without having any multiplier in stage 0.
SA==: Make the exponent of x exactly 1.69.
RQ==: Make the exponent of x 1F20.
VA== 2: Earn 250 points without charging adder.
They all use Base 58 aA1

Trebar April 16, 2024
+17comment score: 17

My eyes! That font is awful...

Hyppy April 20, 2024
+13comment score: 13

Challenges screen: "Maybe you can do them later"
Later: "Hahaha this challenge is permanently unable to be completed".

Cardinal sin.

Idkwhatiam April 17, 2024
+11comment score: 11

First, my eyes are burning and I cant even see my currency >:(

CoolRadGamer countest April 18, 2024
+10comment score: 10

don't know what ppl are saying abt the font it's fine
but me like this concept very fun formulas go brrr
some stuff is unreadable bc of colour thing but whatever

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