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Button Simulator Level

developed by A_person gamedev
rated 1.9 stars, 66 ratings
rated 1.9 stars, 66 ratings

Posted October 17, 2023. Updated November 12, 2023. Played 136 times for a total of 361 hours.


linear game

Feb 27 2024 edit: I will be making a new incremental game and a button simulator that will be hopefully released on galaxy, they are gonna be way better than this game too. The button simulator is gonna be the first game probably, but it won't release soon since I'm gonna also create a very similar version on a different platform first.

• Save up multi/rebirth (you will know how much to save)
• The game gets more faster after <30 min

If you are a new player, please hard reset before playing (in settings)


~Button Simulator Level~

 • A button simulator, very simple and basic incremental
 • Twists: All buttons are combined into one, with levels to upgrade to the next button
 • Has a feature called "Sacrifice" As a reset layer to all reset layers which is kinda weird but idc

Credits: Me (just me, don't even know why I added this)

enjoy :)
oh and report any bugs that you find in the comments, and give me any ideas for what I should add to the game or change


latest update

UPDATE 2 (CHANGES AND BUGFIXES) v0.1.1 November 12, 2023

• Changes UI a bit
• Balancing
• (BIG) you can now go way further than 1e308 (like way further)
• Fixed Ascension and Mobile Bug
• More Bug Fixes And Changes
• The Game Is Just More Fun In General Now

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newest comments

chutz747 November 25, 2023
+2comment score: 2

lack of automation, makes it not fun

A_person gamedev November 22, 2023
0comment score: 0

for now, this game is gonna be discontinued. i may never work on it again, but i am planning to create another incremental game soon.

turtlefastsonic November 22, 2023
+1comment score: 1

i love roblox game, though still painfully linear like others of its kind

Morpy9 countest November 18, 2023
+2comment score: 2

Played up until I had 15 ascensions and then it after my first prestige after that my ascensions went to -1. Refreshing the page reset all of my progress. For a game without any automation, even with an auto clicker, it's not worth playing for all of your progress to randomly disappear. Just go play the original Roblox version.

developer response: progress doesn't reset, and it should tell you that your browser will not save your progress. This is not a problem that i can fix, and ascension is working, i dont know how you got that, unless you played in beta/upd 1

zeig November 16, 2023
+2comment score: 2

i have negative tokens

top comments

xyn_ counter October 19, 2023
+13comment score: 13

the game is painfully too linear. the current gameplay loop is just clicking on the same button until the number is big enough. buying ampers also takes way too long for only a +0.01x boost. the game can seriously benefit from buying in bulk.

also the UI is too large for a game that should realistically be able to fit in a single screen. there's also a pretty big empty area beneath all the buttons for whatever reason.

developer response: I will change the game if you guys don't like it this way, and fix the UI, so in the first upd, im gonna change everything from levels to being able to control what level you wanna rebirth on, so you can rebirth as soon as the first one or as late as the 100th one, and i will fix how you can just go on multi and grind until you get like 1e50, also im just as confused as you are about whats making the space below the page, but im guessing its just margin and stuff like that, easy to fix

EOEtoast October 27, 2023
+8comment score: 8

This is just a Roblox game. Same font and everything

eerosiuh counter October 31, 2023
+6comment score: 6

roblox button simulator: website edition

yasten October 19, 2023
+4comment score: 4

I feel like softlocking yourself by buying ampers is too possible. And no soft or hard reset to correct so once you softlock it seems dead.

developer response: yeah, im throwing away how ampers work and also adding hard resets just in case you just loaded in and something wrong happened, like maybe you started the game with nil multi, you can now use the hard reset in settings

Citrine gamedev October 19, 2023
+4comment score: 4

I have been a fan of button simulators few years by now and I like it! However my complaints and only those are Rebirth and Prestige currency begin almost impossible to read for me ( due to my color deficiency ).
Though I'll look forward to updates =)

developer response: thank you, and also i am adding a setting feature (as said in the description) that will make you be able to change text color

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