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developed by jatora
rated 3.7 stars, 45 ratings
rated 3.7 stars, 45 ratings

Posted March 21, 2024. Updated March 22, 2024. Played 1526 times for a total of 1327 hours.


Odyssos is an incremental game where you embark on a journey of cosmic exploration and self-improvement. You start with basic training exercises and gradually unlock more powerful abilities, upgrades, and automations.

Play here:

Core Gameplay Loop:
Training: Engage in various training exercises to increase your power level and generate income in different realms (Force, Wisdom, Energy, Divine).
Exploration: Venture into the Odyssey, conquering zones and regions to collect shards. These shards can be used to assemble and upgrade artifacts that provide powerful bonuses.
Tournament: Ascend the ranks of the tournament by defeating increasingly challenging fighters. This allows you to upgrade your headband, granting further bonuses.
Skills: Invest skill points earned through exploration and achievements to unlock and upgrade skills that enhance your abilities and customize your gameplay.
Essence: Through rebirth, you gain essence, which can be used to unlock permanent upgrades that boost your training and exploration efforts.
Achievements: Claim achievements for significant bonuses and complete achievement sets for even greater rewards. Achievements also provide Radiance, a premium currency.
Radiance Upgrades: Use Radiance to purchase game-altering upgrades that can significantly boost your progress.

Key Features:
Multiple unlockable world maps to uncover and explore
Multiple Progression Paths: Train in different realms, explore the Odyssey, and climb the tournament ranks to progress.
Unlocks and Automations: Gradually unlock new features and automate tasks to streamline your journey.
Customization: Invest in skills to tailor your gameplay experience.
Rebirth and Permanent Upgrades: Use essence to gain permanent bonuses and accelerate your progress.
Achievements and Radiance: Earn Radiance through achievements and use it to purchase powerful upgrades.

Current Version: 0.0.7c (alpha)

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newest comments

UnephenStephen April 9, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Only way to get the missing penisula maps are waiting til you get auto conquest.

UnephenStephen April 9, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Has exactly what it needs. Just wisdom balancing please. I see wisdom for a second and i already have like 10e100. Has amazing potential!

Jeremymia March 30, 2024
+5comment score: 5

This game has most of what it needs to be great, but it's missing that last 10% of (1) polish and (2) balancing that takes 50% of the work to make it really compelling. In terms of balancing, right now it proceeds in a strange way, masses of things unlocking at once before you have time to even appreciate what you're unlocking. Plus, the numbers get stupid big far too quickly. Incremental games are more fun when you have to struggle a bit for your unlocks. Looking forward to this becoming wonderful.

Neffdigity March 29, 2024
+2comment score: 2

export save doesn't do anything so I'll just have to hope my save file doesn't get wiped.

Neffdigity March 29, 2024
+5comment score: 5

Also there are three zones in the wooded island of the peninsula that are unclickable.

top comments

Entropy counter March 22, 2024
+24comment score: 24

there is, theoretically, an absolutely awesome game here

however Wisdom inflates so quickly and sharply that the game quickly loses all sense of balance (that and all the placeholders everywhere make it a little difficult to tell what upgrades actually do)

can't wait for further updates, though, because this is an absolutely solid start

developer response: thanks for the feedback! balancing is definitely something I'm still working on. Balancing and tuning the game (not least of which Wisdom inflation) is next on my list. The placeholders are temporary as I flesh out more of the game mechanics but yeah I need to take those out for future releases and just utilize them in development only. I really appreciate the encouragement! Will update soon!

Hyppy March 22, 2024
+17comment score: 17

0.0.7c is a good start, but quite unfinished in many aspects.
- The balancing of the progression is way off. Basically everything becomes locked behind exploration VERY quickly
- Rebirths are brutal, since any automation is locked behind manually progressing exploration
- The dropCapNames for the various effects are hard to parse
- It's hard to tell what is placeholder text for upcoming features or if what's just named oddly
- Essence can be spent in what appear to be useless upgrades. I don't need 100 skill points when there are only a few dozen skills
- Clicking to "collect" achievements for radiance feels awkward
- Many spots in exploration, especially in Peninsula, are slightly out of order, missing/miscalculated, or inexplicably unreachable
- Refreshing seems to reset rebirth multiplier. This made me step away because doing yet another rebirth feels like torture

developer response: Thankyou for this detailed feedback, it's really valuable. Definitely have a lot to clean up and balancing/progression/rebirth are next on the list to optimize so I can get a normal flow. And exploration needs a lot of tweaking for sure, it's one of the newest systems and still a bit green

In regards to clicking to claim achievements I definitely agree that is too cumbersome, especially with some other plans I have for achievements. I had toyed with hovering over them to claim too, but you're right that them being tied to Radiance makes that less than ideal. Will brainstorm a few other solutions for this :P

I'm sorry about the refresh issue as well, will be probably trying to clean up some glaring things like that today

Thanks again

Sea2Sky counter March 22, 2024
+7comment score: 7

So far a pretty enjoyable game, I would love if the achievments could be a little less bulky and more organized though.

developer response: yep I've heard this a couple times and am working on a way to make achievements way less annoying for people. thank you for the feedback!

tristan countest March 22, 2024
+7comment score: 7

Odyssey is a little bit broken, I cant finish some of the areas.

developer response: I definitely feel that, I knew releasing would put some glaring errors in the limelight and reveal more to me to help guide further development. I'll be fixing a lot in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Thanks for playing

tristan countest March 22, 2024
+6comment score: 6

There very quickly becomes no reasons for skill points.

developer response: Agreed, I plan on expanding the skill tree and adding more meaningful choices there in a future update

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