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Check Back (Mod)

developed by MarcElAcoplao
rated 4.3 stars, 127 ratings
rated 4.3 stars, 127 ratings

Posted May 13, 2023. Updated March 30, 2024. Played 25112 times for a total of 36432 hours.


A mod from the Check Back project from Demonin. Currently includes:
10 XP Buttons! Ranging from 1min to 7d cooldown.
7 Pet crates! Test your rng in getting powerful pets.
Daily rewards! Get increasingly amounts of xp and unique powerful pets.
3 Prestige buttons! They reset your xp to make your xp gains go nyom.
Fighting! Grow your stats and fight enemies that drop some loot to help you levelup faster.
Upgrades! Spend your leftover pets and coins for powerful upgrades and new unlocks
Latest update: [v0.9 A little bit of everything update]


latest update

A little bit of everything! 0.9 March 30, 2024

v0.9 Update - A little bit of everything!
-New crate!
-Unlocks at level 20k
-Costs 250 coins to open one [And has a base cooldown of 12h]
-Has some of the rarest pets and also the most busted ones. Good luck for anyone trying to get all of them.
-New upgrades!
-You need level 20k to see these upgrades and to buy them
-These are quite expensive and require some of the new pets
-New area!
-Unlocked at level 100k
-Has 5 new powerful enemies [loot focused on xp gains]
-New stat button!
-Unlocked at level 50k
-Gives x4 the previous stats at just x6 the cooldown (20hp 2dmg 0.2 def / 6h)
-Fixed some bugs related to cost upgrades
-Better compatibility with older saves [mainly people importing from Demonin's original version]
-Some themes have been tweaked slightly to look better. [Neon still on top]

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newest comments

Jeremymia May 23, 2024
+1comment score: 1

I really like this... let's go with game.

I just got to 125, which certainly gives me a reason to use the XP boost button, but given that's like a month-long investment to get back here, I want to know if I should at this point?

developer response: The pets from that crate are quite stronger than the previous ones, I'd suggest getting xpboost and trying to get a strong crate [and also push for more unlocks]

Electromagneta May 17, 2024
+1comment score: 1


TheGoat May 17, 2024
+1comment score: 1

does the first prestige button always give 0.2 xp boost? Should i always reset whenever that button is ready or wait for something else?

developer response: there are things that will increase xp boost gain, along better buttons. But consider doing a few when you might need xpboost for something.

TheGoat May 12, 2024
+1comment score: 1

I took a week for level 42 :( hopefully a new mechanic that exponentially boosts progress comes soon

developer response: well... it might not get a lot faster soon but you get new pets at level 50. It's a slow game but some features are faster

NinjaWEW May 6, 2024
+2comment score: 2

When is the next update?

developer response: Soon, I'm planning some sort of UI improvements [tabs] and also increased performance [slightly]. I also wanna release the update to start working on a new feature

top comments

resigned May 17, 2023
+41comment score: 41

This is exactly what i expected. 5/5 no false advertising

CoolRadGamer countest December 7, 2023
+35comment score: 35

hmm i would leave a review but im too lazy
why don't you check back later

HalfX March 9, 2024
+19comment score: 19

I came, I saw, I checked back.

sphene-catbot January 14, 2024
+18comment score: 18

my only feature request so far is could you make unboxing pets not like, a website alert box and make it inside the page instead. its not a huge deal or anything it just kinda disrupts the "click all the stuff real fast" vibe whenever i tab in

developer response: I could make it a feature, that if you are opening a certain crate and have something else (like a toggle), it doesn't play the alert. Update: next update will have something to disable these.
Update 2: v0.8 has something that will disable the pet alerts [for all existing crates, so in future updates you'll have the popups again]

LemonIsAHe February 14, 2024
+17comment score: 17

Perfect for playing other incrementals

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