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Idle Isekai - An Idle RPG

developed by NoobsGames
rated 2.9 stars, 36 ratings
rated 2.9 stars, 36 ratings

Posted June 2, 2023. Updated September 17, 2023. Played 105 times for a total of 1694 hours.


<Note form Dev> - please note that save file may brake as I update. This game is in very early development ALWAYS backup your saves before updating. If you run into an issue please please please let me know i am here to fix all and every bug and problem you may run into!

In Idle Isekai, one of the keyways to progress and take on stronger enemies is by upgrading your equipment and reincarnating your characters to get new and better stats. As you battle monsters, you'll earn gold and God Energy that can be used to enhance your gear or Enchant your relics. Reincarnating your characters not only improves your character's stats but can also provide special abilities and bonuses that give you the edge in battle. With each reincarnation you'll feel the sense of accomplishment and see your character become more powerful and capable of taking on even greater challenges. With this RPG there are no level caps and not even the sky or the Univers for that is the limit

latest update

Update Notice! N/A September 17, 2023

Hello everyone! Just wanted to start by saying thankyou for all the advice and trying out my game while it was still in very early development. I have some good and bad news, lets tart with the bad news to get it out of the way!

Due to health issues I will not be posting any new updates for this over the next few weeks while I work though said issues. Rest assured I am still programming and the game is still being developed ive just cut the building and sending off for testing portion (You guys have been great testers so far!) To make matters a little worse, while I was away for a bit over the last few weeks the Company I set up save files with, updated from a “hobby” to an actual company but sadly in the process all online saves were lost. (i have been reassured this will not happen again and it was just due to por data migration setup on the old server) As such all online saves are gone, and until i push out a new update you will not be able to save from this location.

If you wish to continue playing you can go to and download the windows.exe version and that will create offline save files. I Will do my best to ensure those save file integrate with the new save system i am create so that not all data is lost.

I expect that the next released update probably won’t be till the end of OCT.

OK! Enough of the bad news!

In short, I am still continuing to program the game and it is continuing to improve during this time. As a measure of good faith I will list a few things I have already done and several things that will be here once the next update does come!

Already Completed

= **All new Gem Item shop **
== The shop allows you to spend very small amounts of gems to get boosts for your units during battle.
== Spending gems at the shop increases its level wich in turns unlocks more and better types of boosts
== The shop also introduces new story elements and new characters
== This also give players more control over the fight going on before them and makes them less of a stander by

= Story 1
== Story one has been rewritten (still the same basic story) with new characters all new jokes.
=== As many of you suggested, the entire first story has been spell checked by my actal story writer! (trust me i'm just as excited about this as you are!) Thanks for all your patience as I work through all of my dyslexia spelling problems!
== All main characters have multiple expressions now! This helps to add a little more emmertion and helps with the delivery of some jokes!

= Story 2
== Yes! The long awaited story for world 2 has been entirely written and is currently under development!
== New Characters, new Isekai awesomeness, and even the start of some cool plot twists!

That is all stuff just since the last update! Some new stuff thats still on the horizon and (should) be included int he next update

= New and improved save system
== The new save system will include manue new features!
== Faster game saving
== Partial game saving!
=== This is targeted saving for spesiing things, insted of saving your entire game this saves just the part that have changed most recently, this will make it so that very little data will ever be lost as it will be pushing small saves often!
=== This saving technique allows me to set up so that when you log back in instead of being back at the town you can be loaded in directly were you left off with the wave level and units exactly as you left them (or within seconds of when you left them)
=== Allows for save so be MUCH more reliable then before. Do to uploaded files bing much smaller the likelihood that the packet is dropped or data is lost is much smaller.

= Story 3
== Stoy 3 is already being written and some of the sprite and characters for it are already made! But by the time the next update gose live i expect story 3 to be completed and playable!
== Many of the upcoming updates will be more story related with new units enemies and collectable characters being in relation to the world and story!

= Offline Rewords
== As an expansion to my new daly reword system i added in the last update, there well be offline rewords granted to you apon login
== not to much to say about this yet except that your units will receive up to 8hrs of equivalent gameplay when the game is offline (not sure if they will progress or you will just receive XP Gold and Loot baced on your DPS and GPS of the last few waves your on)

= Several New Characters
== There will be several new collectible and story granted units and enemies by next update (probably a minimum of 5)!

Stuff that will (probobly) not be in the next update but will (probably) be coming!

= Event baced collectible units and challenges
= Fun minie game to use your vaulted units to get cool and fun rewords
= Leaderboard and Chalenges were you face off against other players to get higher scores and win rewords!
= Many many more relics
= Shop were you can perches permanent boosts to your units and characters with Gems
= many more ways to get gems!

Thanks again for all your support feel free to message me with any questions ill still be checing the comments section every now and then incase you want to ask how things are going! Sorry for the delay, and i look forward to giving you all a much superior version of the game in a few weeks! (probably like 6 but could be less if i get some good news form my next few test results)

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newest comments

NoobsGames November 17, 2023
+1comment score: 1

UPDTE: (Not released yet just news!)

- Backdrops Characters and maps have been created for world 3
- Scripting and Dialog is well on its way!
- new opponents (Zombie!)
- New Legendary tear Unit completed!
- New automatic quick save function to save game every few seconds putting you in the exact wave and location you were in when you logged out
- Along with completing quick save i have finished offline rewords (acquiring gold while you are not logged in) - more on this in later updates

I am scheduled for surgery next month but i also expect to have a new actual update out mid next month. This update will ether coincide with the officel release of the game or be a Web browser only primarily realesd here and Itch.IO for final testing befor "True Release"

Again thank you for your pacence and i hope to see you all when i push out the next update after surgeries!

NoobsGames October 30, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Story 2 has been compleated! Story 3 is in the works! Official release will come in a few months! A few more new things in the offical relase are pets you can equip to give them additonal pasive abilities! I thank you all for your patience and cant wait to get this out for everyone to play again!

Badder September 18, 2023
+2comment score: 2

Rough idlers with RPG and combat flavor >>> refined charts and trees idlers. Lost my saves a few times, even on the standalone client... but still interested because I had fun. See you in a few months dev. Here's a +1 hp regen from me to you, wishing you a speedy recovery.

developer response: Thanks for you kind words! Hope to see you back and I promise by the next update saves will be a lot better :)

UserDidntUnderstand September 17, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Developer, why you doing VERY long answers?

developer response: Well i just feel people deserve detailed responses. 🙃

Termt September 17, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Oh damn, best of luck with the health issues.

Didn't know that there's a downloadable version, that might be worth checking out.

developer response: Yes I have a Windows version and a WebGl version! I also plan to have a mobile vertion out in not too long as well, And all of the save files form all of them should seamlessly sync so you can close the game on one device and open it up directly were you left off on the other! This is why i focused a bunch on web bacesed save system even though its caused me a world of pain XD. the local save for the Windows version was created for this perpus exactly wich is to have a phisical backup so incase online save system faled.

it was mostly intended as a stop gap while i work out all the save bugs

top comments

Ben June 13, 2023
+6comment score: 6

Cool concept but needs a ton of work. Targeting needs to be changed ASAP, and I recommend getting someone to help with grammar and spelling. I see a good amount of potential and will come back to it in the future. Try and avoid bringing accounts into this, it would be way better if it could be saved locally.

developer response: I have a story writter already slated to check spelling grammer and proof/rewrite most of the story that is in place right now. as far as saves go the game saves localy to the browser already and if you want a downloadable vertion that will save to the computer itslef that is already available. The problem is that if people play in incognito mode or clear browsing data all that is lost. to be clear you can play and can have save data when you come back without an "account" but with links braking every time i update offten times the saves don't carry over.

Also the "Account" isn't really anything except a direct connection to a save file. its just a way to make it so i can recover peoples saves or they can back them up and have confidence that they wont loose there many hrs spent You don't even need to put in a real email address and no emails will ever be sent so [email protected] woudl work as long as you remember it.

PS im glad you like what you see so far AI (user defined attack priorities and customization) is high on my feature priority list and will probably be out within the next 2 to 3 updates (so end of week or mid next week probably)

meowingatgames June 6, 2023
+5comment score: 5

Favorited it, will come back to it. I had fun! The writing needs some proof reading and editing on spelling, both in the dialog and in the GE book. I had to drag my browser window down larger to see that there was a bottom row of buttons for Church Blacksmith the book I think it was and something else that was coming soon. You also note in your info about the game to back up saves but I can't see any where to export saves no matter how big I make the browser, so wherever that is, I can't find it through this site.

developer response: thanks for the feedback! i have a proof reader working on spell (im dyslexic so there's only so much i can do on my own) also the backing up you game was for the downloadable vertion i have at there is no way currently to export your save from the web browser vertion. it should be backing up to the cloud automatically though i havn't had extensive testing on that yet. im worrking on a better wayto back up saves. if you don't mind what reselution were you playing at were you coun't se the bar on the bottom?

UnheardPope June 8, 2023
+3comment score: 3

I played to Wave 100 to check out scaling and all that.
here's a few things I noticed:

• The speed bar overflows after getting high enough speed/ same with underflow for character hp
• Not having info for RP and God Point gains when reincarnating makes it a guessing game if you should do it
• Wisdom scaling should probably be softcapped, since after 100+ you regen more than you need for infinite heals
• Diversity of sustain abilities like DEF should probably be implemented (like HP reg or lifesteal) to make it feel more impactful
• Golden touch has not really enoguh impact
• more god upgrades like ability cooldown or gamespeed would be neat

overall solid scaling, even if it still is rather dry for now. stage 50 may need to be a bit adjusted unless other upgrades are added. every other wall felt good.

developer response: Thanks so much for all the info just wanted to address a few things.

Speed will be adjusted to do multiple attacks simultaneously after speed hits ceran amout.

Im not capping wisdom but i will cap the heal at a certen amount (it is not a hard cap as your hp gose up the hel persentage after hitting "cap" will slowly decrease for 10% total hp hel to 3%) and rhe heal will need to be upgraded to go past that. Upon upgrade heal will cost 3-4 times mana essentially increasing the amount of wisdom you will need in order to get that cap again.

I have sooooo many more plans for god abilities :)

Also life steal will be a thing eventually. As I create more units more difficult enemies with higher defense or attack will be found in later stages which will amplify the importance of having more Diversified units.

Again thanks for the feedback! Look forward to hearing from you more as i add LOTS more content

Termt June 14, 2023
+2comment score: 2

I like it so far, bit of a soft spot for retro graphics.
A couple of things though, some of which I've already seen pointed out by others.
1. The forest area after beating the well REALLY impacts the game's performance, most likely due to all the sprites flying around. A setting to turn them off would be appreciated.
2. The motivation ability counts down while attacks are happening, but the "turn counter" gets frozen while attacks are happening. So if you're facing a lot of enemies or if your team's just plain fast then motivation gets weaker. It also means that the upgrades for it are probably weaker than intended.
3. A screen indicating how many rebirth points characters would get as well as how much god energy you'd get on rebirthing would be great, and a clarification on what influences it. I ASSUME character level influences rebirth points and highest floor influences god energy, but I don't KNOW.
4. Might be a decent QoL thing to have players start at a higher wave, or allow them to overkill weak enemies (so the extra damage spreads to the rest)? Having to start from the 1st wave every time gets tedious, particularly when 90% of them will have next to no impact on my progress so they just become a time wall (with random duration because random number of enemies, could be all 1's or it could be a full team every time).
5. Targeting. It might make some of the bosses too easy as they are now, but then again right now you're either gambling or farming till you're OP.

developer response: Thanks for all your feedback! Yes forest performance (as stated in the update log) is a known issue and will be way better in the next update. As for 2 i have juggled with having it pawsed or unpused but in the end i whent with unpawsed and incresed its duration (might make the upgrades increse its duration as well so as you go longer and have more units an enemies it counterbalances that) also there is a capp attack speed for units of 60 attacks per min so it will not get progressively wars in later game as the amount of time caps out hen all friendly and enemies have a cap of 60. the only way to attack more than 60 times per second is with the Motivate skill which is why it remines uscefole even in really late game. it will probably also as i necrose the time be a good way to blow though lower levels. (ballancing will be a constent thing over the next few moths but comments like this are very helpfule!) 4 im thinking of making the jup satages every 50 floors in the futer (as i don't really have any new content after floor 50 at this point i haven't messed with that yet) also when i get the Thief Charactor made it will give you gold enven from lower leveled apponents making long runs more profitable but he is till a wase off. 5 AI (attack prioritys) will be unlocked in tears with more spesific costomization in the latter tears. and will need RP to unlock so for the charactors this makes earlery bosses easer and with proper design can steel keep later bosses hard. AI attack priority is comming out soon!

Asenath June 6, 2023
+2comment score: 2

some feedback: the font of the upgrade in town isnt very good to read (maybe use it just for the title), there should be an option to go back to town and spelling as already said. Besides this: nice start so far I like it and I hope this gets polished.

developer response: There should be a back button on the top right to go back to the town, however that was just a place holder. i plan on adding an actual town butten soon (don't know if it will be in 0.0.8 or not)

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