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Under Pressure

developed by VoidCloud tester
rated 3.1 stars, 26 ratings
rated 3.1 stars, 26 ratings

Posted February 1, 2024. Updated February 3, 2024. Played 889 times for a total of 412 hours.


Under Pressure

A Game for NYIGJ 2024 (2nd Place Finisher)

A game about oil refining, pressure and making money

Notes: Because its a jam game it's slightly unpolished, there may be some bugs and other annoyances.

Planned Changes: Rebalance resource gains for Residual Gas, and production recipes, add in game help menus and more money related upgrades.

latest update

Current Version v1.0.1 February 1, 2024

Changelog available in game

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newest comments

Yahoo_Gamer April 23, 2024
+2comment score: 2

hey maybe a tutorial? i don't even know whats going on at the start 😭

UnephenStephen March 26, 2024
+1comment score: 1

And now it randomly went to negative numbers and ic ant do anything.

UnephenStephen March 25, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Nvm I’m getting coke just no gas

UnephenStephen March 25, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Anything about the next update? I still cant get achievement 20 lol. It was too long to get and i was getting tired of waiting to get 100 gas. Also i cant get coke anymore

aaaaa February 15, 2024
+1comment score: 1

to get upgrades simply reach the max pressure amount for the column to lose integrity

top comments

yahtzee countest February 3, 2024
+8comment score: 8

I don't understand how to make asphalt, no matter how much coke and naptha i have it just shows "0.00 Coke + 0.00 Naptha -> 0.00 Asphalt"

developer response: Yeah I need to make it display the minimum when you can't craft.

speedmaster24 countest February 6, 2024
+6comment score: 6

Here is a tip for everyone dont upgrade your kiln until you have achievement 20 otherwise it will be impossible to get

developer response: This^. This issue will be fixed in the post jam update.

DreamerTheWolfFOx February 5, 2024
+4comment score: 4

Not a giant issue, but Kelvin is not messured in Degrees so instead of 273*K it should just be 273K

developer response: Yeah I could've sworn I fixed that display but I guess not -_-

O7734 February 5, 2024
+4comment score: 4

I somehow hit negative pressure and am now stuck. What happened?

developer response: Unfortunately at the moment I do not know, I probably just need to slap a Absolute Value on the Formula.

yahtzee countest February 3, 2024
+4comment score: 4

Nevermind, you just need a lot of it before you can use it

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