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Really Grass Cutting Incremental

developed by MrRedShark77 gamedev
rated 3.9 stars, 129 ratings
rated 3.9 stars, 129 ratings

Posted May 10, 2023. Updated November 2, 2023. Has been played for 19122 hours.


Incremental game inspired by Roblox game called "Grass Cutting Incremental" -!
I balance everything exponentially!

latest update

v0.5.2 November 2, 2023

Really Grass Cutting Incremental v0.5.2 - Lunarian TEST

  • mere upgrades, mere centralizes
  • fixed more bugs, and etc.
    Endgame: show in options (spoiler)
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newest comments

GoofyGoober November 30, 2023
+1comment score: 1

really good game btw but could you fix any bugs there might be

Endovior November 29, 2023
+1comment score: 1

Something is definitely broken with the constellation screen. The constellation upgrades pane covers the buildings list, which can't be scrolled to compensate. This happens even in full screen, at the game's preferred resolution of 1920x1080. Even if I zoom out in full screen to give it even more room, there's still at least one building hidden under the upgrades pane at all times. In fact, in standard full screen, not only does the building list go under the upgrades pane, it just keeps going afterwards, sprawling on all the way off the bottom of the screen.

Given how much on-screen real estate the buildings seem to need, I want to suggest that instead of always being present on the constellation screen, constellation upgrades should move to a dedicated space; they could easily stay in their current screen position if they only appear below the relatively empty bonus section in the bonuses tab, or maybe they could move to a new tab of their own beside presets? After that, so long as you make sure that the buildings list can scroll instead of falling off the screen, everything ought to be fine.

CoolRadGamer gamedev November 26, 2023
+1comment score: 1

there should be a confirmation for saving presets

pifort November 23, 2023
0comment score: 0

kinda good ngl

CoolRadGamer gamedev November 22, 2023
+1comment score: 1

the one piece LUNARIAN IS REAL!
this game is actually awesome bc i dont have rawblocks and gci looked like smth interesting to play so i can play it here lol also i think it's faster than in rawblocks

top comments

mold suggester May 11, 2023
+39comment score: 39

a minimap would be nice

idiot May 10, 2023
+11comment score: 11

very cool game

CoolRadGamer gamedev May 13, 2023
+10comment score: 10

good game
touch some grass

Thenybo August 9, 2023
+7comment score: 7

I love this game. But if at all possible, it would be great to have fully scientific numbers. All of the Sx, Sp, De and so on is really confusing.

dowka September 9, 2023
+6comment score: 6

nah I already 300 hours on the roblox game i'm not gonna go on a website spinoff please lord save me I DON'T WANNA HELP

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