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developed by SENTRIE gamedev
rated 3.5 stars, 33 ratings
rated 3.5 stars, 33 ratings

Posted June 12, 2024. Updated June 18, 2024. Played 1088 times for a total of 707 hours.




nahidaQuest! ▼

An incremental clicker game based on the hit game Genshin Impact. Embark on an adventure to find the Golden Ajilenakh Nut, a mythical fruit that Sumeru has taught to be lost to time.

Trailer ▼

Details ▼

Keyboard Hotkeys are enabed for certain portions of gameplay.

  1. Numbers 1, 2, 3,... for switching between tabs
  2. Enter for purchasing levels and using items
  3. Q, W, E and Z, X, C during Expeditions
  4. ESC to open Settings

Also available at
*Not affiliated with Hoyoverse / Genshin Impact

latest update

2-01-000 June 18, 2024

Major Bugs Fixed

  1. Aranara Events
    The Aranara Events 'Aranara Weasel' & 'Aranara Rain' have been made 'sensitive', to account for network lag. In essence, the event activates when the mouse is pressed down (or tapped) rather than when the mouse is clicked.

  2. Shop World Quest
    I have removed this particular World Quest for now, as I am unable to replicate this bug. If you can accurately replicate this, PLEASE write about it on Github along with an attached save!

New Additions

  1. Tutorial Archive
    Alongside 'Achievements' and 'Challenges', a tutorial archive have been added - Players can freely access all previous tutorials that have seen in the fourth tab.

  2. Settings Save
    Under 'Advanced Settings', players can adjust how often autosaves occur (Default: 3min).

  3. Inventory Item Numbers
    Quantity of items in players' inventory are now labelled.

  4. Right-click functionality
    Right click has been given multiple functions (on mobile, this would be holding). LMB has been unchanged.
    -Character Levelling: RMB to immediately buy levels
    -Character Upgrades: RMB to immediately upgrade
    -Inventory: RMB an item to immediately use it

  5. Keybind functionality
    In the same vein, toggle functionality has been added to the following keys:
    -Shift: Purchase 10x Levels
    -Alt: Purchase 25x Levels
    -CTRL: Purchase 100x Levels

Systems Rework:

  1. Tree UI rework
    Tree UI has been 'flattened', tree tabs have been completely removed. All tree functionality ('Planting', 'Offering, 'Harvesting', 'Bless') can be accessed on the same screen.

  2. Energy rework
    Instead of randomly getting energy on clicking Big Nahida, an energy block will spawn from the top of the screen, which when clicked on gives energy. Energy potions have also been buffed significantly:
    -3-Star: 200 -> 800
    -4-Star: 500 -> 2000
    -5-Star: 1000 -> 4000

  3. Expedition QOL
    Players get 1 second of invincibility after exiting a QTE - evident by the enemies missing their attack (Does not apply to non-regular attacks like magic circles).

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newest comments

CoolRadGamer countest June 30, 2024
+1comment score: 1

transcending literally does not work
it breaks your save and gives a bunch of errors

CoolRadGamer countest June 27, 2024
+1comment score: 1

also the game sometimes breaks after a fight so i have to refresh kinda annoying

CoolRadGamer countest June 27, 2024
+1comment score: 1

i don't know what i'm doing half the time bc there's rarely any info on stuff
also deez nuts gottem

True_Randomness June 22, 2024
+1comment score: 1

The shop bug happens when you click next before you hit an offer button

Scythean June 18, 2024
+2comment score: 2

I just broke away from daily playing Star Rail daily you can't give me my favorite Genshin Expansion as an idle game with all the music and achievement dings haha It's very fun mixing Genshin this kind of idle formula ty for making it

top comments

SinisterSinnner June 16, 2024
+8comment score: 8

As far as clickers this one is...just a clicker. It looks good and demands the use of an auto clicker but is poorly optimised to handle the speeds they can reach. And a wiki is not excuse to not include information in game.

sporedragon34 June 15, 2024
+8comment score: 8

haven't gotten to what the wiki calls "mid-game" yet (done exactly 1 transcension) but there's already a few issues i could point out:

- if you want to get anything done this game is extremely autoclicker-favorable. it trivializes about 45% of the game. also i have no idea where the qol is for things like trees, maybe an autobuy for characters or upgrades, but my wrist and fingers hurt from playing an hour of this, the structure and pathing of the ui is NOT friendly to mouse users.
- the world quest shop events are broken in the current version - no matter what option you choose (spend/no spend) the next button won't progress you. have to refresh to get out of the screen and i lose the shop offer + progress before last autosave too bc of this. also the exp for the random events doesn't seem to scale? i'm getting 18 or 20 exp out of a random encounter at rank 15 or 16, when i feel it should be scaling higher than it is.
- combo-ing attacks is weird? sometimes you'll hit Q for the counter and it won't counter at all, even when i counter on the prompt. getting 50 combo seems impossible with this in mind. also, you can be hit immediately after you get out of the range combo rhythm minigame, which feels unfair. i would like to have one second of invulnerability or some sort of delay after getting out of that minigame to deal with attacks. this is most annoying during the tree wave defense fights. the W move seems to do nothing frankly, even when I know what it does because i read it.
- is it possible to have a tab that holds the tutorials as well? the shielding mechanic on enemies, ranged counters, etc. may have been introduced in the first two combat tutorials but there is no way to go back and look at them, meaning i had no idea what the shield mechanic actually did.
- playing the actual minigames is sometimes extremely frustrating because the images are draggable. This affects nut cyclone quest and weasel quest the most, but is especially frustrating in the former due to the speed at which various drops fall from the top of the screen. also getting cucked out of 20 weasels because of this hurts.
- there could be some extra clarification for item numbers. maybe having an item counter in the bottom right of an image so you could know how many of a certain item you have at a glance would be helpful. also for accessibility reasons i would love to have a list of encounters somewhere in the map battle section. the map is very cool but having a sorted list of encounters with X loot drops makes fighting with the map implementation easier. Also I'd love to have a potential right click shortcut to use an item directly without having to click on the item and then go back and forth from item to use; this is also applicable to upgrades.
- Just in general i'm not sure why you wouldn't just buy a character's levels outright over clicking them and then moving your mouse over to the right to upgrade them without having the shift/ctrl hotkeys for batch buying as well (i.e, having shift-click buys 10 on a character). Upgrades being in another toggleable window also feels strange, since with the extra space under the character quotes you could place them there instead and have tooltips for the cost and effects. IDK i'm not a fan of many tabs/windows/lots of movement since the condition of my wrist makes things hard and it feels clunky to go through repetitively.

overall, though it feels a little clunky, i think it has a lot of promise! it maps genshin impact fairly decently into a clicker, the mechanics are interesting, and i'm getting mobbed by aranara as I speak. it's a nice game (plus i'm glad i don't have to spend real money on primogens), good job!

EzraPro5324 June 14, 2024
+6comment score: 6

you can tell its gonna be intresting when the first image you see is a anime girl with catears

P3TEY June 16, 2024
+3comment score: 3

I might be on FBI watchlist

Zeforas June 15, 2024
+2comment score: 2

The number of time i had to reload this gme is insane. This seems like a great game, but this is annoying that i didn't make a single bit of progress in 15 minute because the game break after i've done a fight..

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