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Mine Your Way Out 2

developed by Luis0413 gamedev
rated 4.5 stars, 179 ratings
rated 4.5 stars, 179 ratings

Posted January 26, 2024. Updated January 27, 2024. Played 2597 times for a total of 1821 hours.


Mine resources and upgrade your gear in a world where every pixel is breakable and escape the underground. While mining you feel like someone is watching you.

Game length: ~1 hour + 2 minutes it takes to generate a world

Game might run worse on Firefox
Game is not playable on mobile

Space Background Generator

Music Credits
All soundtracks are taken from You can find them here:

latest update

Minor changes January 28, 2024

  • 0.25s more invincibility after getting hit
  • Less lasers at final boss, no more overlapping of lasers
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newest comments

unicodes counter June 14, 2024
+1comment score: 1

i beat it! :)

unicodes counter June 14, 2024
+1comment score: 1

really good story game :)

Unexian gamedev June 9, 2024
+1comment score: 1

that was a very fun game

Unexian gamedev June 9, 2024
+1comment score: 1

nvm i gott out
suggestion: seal the seams between blocks

Unexian gamedev June 9, 2024
0comment score: 0

aungh i got stucc

top comments

ducdat0507 countest January 28, 2024
+26comment score: 26

Just a small tip: Usually in sandbox-ish games like this it is best not to generate the entire world at once - the part where the player spawns in and can see and interact is generated first, then more of the world are generated as the player moves around. This makes sure the game isn't spending too much time generating, like in here where you need to wait 1~2 minutes for the game to generate the world before you are able to play.

xyn_ counter January 27, 2024
+10comment score: 10

endgame spoilers: holy hell i was not expecting a bossfight, kudos to you! i'm disappointed i had to beat both bosses in easy difficulty but it seemed like i was moving too quickly to dodge the density of bullets. although it wouldve been nice to have something like Shift to slowdown movement, i dont think that's strictly necessary to add, since casual players would probably choose the easy difficulties. looking forward to seeing your future projects!

Shironero counter January 27, 2024
+9comment score: 9

Endgame spoilers: Never would've thought I'd have to make this critique on an incremental game of all things, but you really need to work on your boss design if you're gonna put them in games. The idea itself is really cool and unique for the genre but it gets ruined by the fact that the boss is not fair in the slightest. The attacks should not be this RNG-dependent, the player's hp pool is way too small (at least on hard) and the boss dash attack should be tweaked because it's straight up unavoidable at certain angles. The second phase is bugged as hell, the eye just gets stuck and then teleports back onto you while still doing whatever attack it was doing prior to teleporting, which doesn't help the whole fairness situation. Difficulty in bullet hells comes from fair, predictable patterns but there's none of that here since the second phase doesn't work as intended as far as I can tell, attack order is completely random and bullet patterns seem to be random as well. As it stands, RNG plays way more of a role in this bossfight than any sort of skill a median player can display, and that does not feel good in the slightest. Aside from that, the game is a short and sweet experience reminiscent of exploring Terraria's underground caves and biomes, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a cool game :)

Marvai January 29, 2024
+7comment score: 7

Phenomenal game. Endgame spoiler: The boss fights were highly unexpected but were a very fun time. I do agree with others that the boss' bullet hell bits are a little too RNG, even bullets being RNG by itself isn't awful but having that on top of no break between attacks makes things feel luck based. For example, the eye shooting many bullets, tough to dodge but I had fun. The eye dashing, tough to learn the right moves but then it's fun. The eye shooting random bullets which you can barely dodge because you need to move at just the right angle to avoid the eye dashing at the exact same time... this is where I feel lucky rather than skilled. Same with phase two, the giant eye bombarding with bullets from afar, tough but fun. The eye teleporting onto you and making many falling droplets, tough but fun. Adding the lasers in as well, it gets right at the edge of what I'd consider too challenging, but still okay. The eye making falling droplets while you're still busy dodging the other bullets and the lasers all at once... that feels like luck rather than skill. I managed both bosses on hard difficulty but it definitely took quite a few tries.

Outside of endgame, the overall feeling of mining is very satisfying, especially as you upgrade, as is exploring the map. I'm not sure I'd agree with the "usually in sandbox games like this you shouldn't generate the entire world at once", I think that is perfectly acceptable to do in games such as this, many other games in a similar vein as this do it (the obvious Terraria inspiration comes to mind). While it certainly can be turned fully procedural (Ala Minecraft for instance) a 1-2 minute wait is not extreme, especially for a game like this where it is intended as a one-off map load, and it greatly simplifies the logic of loading in single-instance objects such as the desert temple. If you desire to put in the extra effort, it can be a nice feature, but far from necessary or too inconvenient, I'd argue it's more necessary for games with larger maps and bigger load times, or more expected to show up with very large games that are expected to have significant polish. That's just my own opinion based on my experiences with other games, and with my own development of them, however!

Eternity308 February 1, 2024
+5comment score: 5

spoilers and review:

omg the boss and the game itself was amazing... PLEASE PLEASEEE bro make a game that's even more than this, i will play it for hours and hourss the resource gathering was soooo fun... maybe add stuff like teleporters to it to allow for easier transportation once the game is really big. AND NOT TO MENTION THE BOSS that was so cool,,,, if you make another game you should make multiple bosses with drops and stuff and omg dude this has so much potential, literally the most fun thing I've tried on this website and i have like 1000 hours total over all games, thank you for making such a fun experience for 30 minutes

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