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Time Transcending Clocks

developed by plasma4 countest
rated 3.4 stars, 45 ratings
rated 3.4 stars, 45 ratings

Posted March 15, 2024. Updated April 17, 2024. Played 2412 times for a total of 2631 hours.


Github link | Discord link
A game all about building clocks and eventually conquering the multiverse. Discover the wonders of time travel, phoenixes, 2D dungeon gameplay, and exotic apples in this mysterious idle game. (Autoclicker included and upgradeable!)

latest update

Lag fixing! April 17, 2024

Fixed lag and added a new settings option about it. (Oh, and fixed like 999 bugs about rendering...)

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newest comments

DatrixTHLK April 17, 2024
+1comment score: 1

The more I play this game the more confused I become and overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have to keep track of. This game is fun even though I mentioned earlier it was not something I hate or like, but it would be helpful to know how much per second I'm gaining with the resources I have as well as what you have now with the resources increasing. I like that though it could help taking out the confusing aspect of it. I'm in agreement with Tangerine102 About the sheer amount of stuff going on. Maybe I'm just missing something here.

downvoid tester April 16, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Also, for some reason I started the game with 2k purple crystals

developer response: That's likely because you briefly opened the game and then closed it. You can get about 1,000 purple crystals each week by being offline, so that essentially meant you waited about two weeks before reopening.

downvoid tester April 16, 2024
+2comment score: 2

Good concept but this game just throws way too much stuff at me at the start and it's hard to keep track of everything. Also took me a while to realize I could scroll down because no scroll bar was displayed.

JinxTJL April 16, 2024
0comment score: 0

I really like this game! The various chains of progression are really satisfying to play out—you need a to get b to get c to facilitate the production of g, you know—and I absolutely have to compliment how well the complexity is handled. Some of the systems—from where I am, anyway—kind of start to buckle the further you get into the game, and you can use crystals to trivialize what I consider to be the most engaging section of the game, but if you play the first forty to fifty hours right, you'll have a ton of fun.

I think my only real gripe is that—and I should emphasize that I'm not even sure if this is a real problem or if it's my fault—once you get deeper into your playtime, there're so many calculations going on that the game starts to slow down pretty dramatically. I'm not talking about progression, I'm talking about, like, ticks per second. My potions, for instance, take about three seconds for every second. That's the kind of grind that makes my brain sad, 'cause I know it's not intentional. (It's not, right?)

Again, it could just be my shitty laptop's problem, but I think it'd be neat if there were an extra setting or two to help reduce resources—either way, the game is most assuredly a pretty greedy resource hog. From my perspective, it's really not a major hang-up, and I absolutely adore this game—one of my favorite time-wasters, as a matter of fact—and it's a constant shock to remember that this isn't a classic that's been out for, like, five years.

Really just phenomenal game. Cannot recommend enough. (Unless you hate fun.) ((Or progression chains.))

Ros3Bud April 13, 2024
+1comment score: 1

Bug found: When you Purchase the "-1,000,000,000 Golden Shards to increase Jeweler production Significantly" it actually ceases all production. Once the jewelers stop make golden clocks, it essentially breaks the game.

developer response: Thanks for the info! I've fixed it and pushed it into the game.

top comments

Entropy counter March 19, 2024
+19comment score: 19

my immediate first impression is that everything in this game is absolutely screaming for my attention and information is scattered all over the pages in a million different colors and icons

the end result is that i am borderline overwhelmed despite the gameloop literally just being "click the thing to sell them for money so you can buy things to make another thing" which is... impressive?

Lustre March 19, 2024
+13comment score: 13

I want to like this game, but it's just a mess. You have to buy too many chains of items before it's automated enough, and even then, meh... Maybe some people like this style, I just can't get into it.

Tangerine102 March 20, 2024
+9comment score: 9

The good:
-Large amount of content
-Interesting progression mechanics
-Decent sense of humor
-Crystals merge offline and online play well

The bad:
-Long wait times, even with 100x gamespeed, to buy certain upgrades (prior to Coal Machines)
-Resources don't show where they're coming from or going, and at what rates
-Researches don't show up until you have enough science to even see them, and "You'll need a lot of scientists" isn't a very helpful hint.
-Some things can't be multi-bought even with omni-managers, meaning long stretches of holding down enter/autoclicker.

The ugly:
-Power flickering between stable/unstable/not fully powered adjusts text sizes on the menu, making it difficult to adjust power priority.
-The UI. Flashing, pulsing, glowing text - it's all an eyesore.
-An "itemToAdd is undefined" bug permanently corrupted my save.

Overall, I'd continue playing if I could, but there's definitely work to be done here. (To the dev - what's the best way to submit a bug report?)

developer response: Thanks for the summary! Currently, I believe you contacted me on Discord and I promptly fixed the issue, so that is the best way to report a bug.
Edit: I've now released 0.2.3, which allows you to speed up crystal usage in exchange for a speed bonus!
Future ideas:
- Change the color of resource texts when you hover over something that produces them (say, when you hover over a digger, the clay resource changes color), and also say how much of an item it is producing.
- As for the UI, it might be the overwhelming quantity of buttons (and of course, the text size adjustment involving electricity). Future readers: Note that you can enable Sleek Mode within the settings for the buttons to darken! Sadly, this one is more complicated and it may take longer to fix. But thanks for all of the helpful information: I'll get to it!

Entropy counter March 19, 2024
+6comment score: 6

update: no, this is like... actually kind of unpleasant to play once you start auto-earning money. i can't easily keep track of what resources i have or what they're used for, the costs of everything are buried in their tooltips (assuming you can even find them, because they seem to be placed according to the rule "be vaguely next to some currency they interact with", settings like an autoclicker and an autoseller are directly next to important structures for some reason... and all of this wouldn't be so bad if the main way of progression was not resources that make other resources that make other resources, which quickly turns into a nightmare when i can barely tell what i have or what anything costs.

i mean there's a skeleton of a good game somewhere here but... the UI really, really needs work

developer response: Thanks for the feedback on the game! Unfortunately, I understand this game isn't for everyone simply because of the complexity. However, I do understand the fact that it's extremely difficult to understand and pick up the game. This game is more of a test of micro-management, but how would you advise a fix? Should early mechanics be moved further back?
(Also, I'm curious why you're having a hard time with costs, because it does give you statistics at the bottom of main buttons. Is it because of the mini-buttons or just the confusion?)

ducdat0507 countest March 19, 2024
+5comment score: 5

You should implement a reduce motion mode

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